What is a virtual office program?

What is the purpose of a virtual office program?

The purpose of a virtual office program is to cater for distributed teams who are remote working. Virtual office programs take everything we love from the physical face to face office environment and create a digital platform providing a space in which remote teams can connect. The number of remote workers is on the rise; many are looking to take their home office online to enhance team collaboration and create real-time communication.

The different types of virtual office software:

Collaboration tools – we all know a team works better when communicating across their ideas visually, whether that be using a screen share or mind maps. This is why team collaboration, as part of a virtual office, is essential for developing projects and ease of communication. Collaborating effectively whilst working from home is incredibly important whilst teams are out of the physical office and can ensure detailed feedback can be given.

Meeting roomusing a virtual platform to connect with your colleagues both verbally and with messaging ensures team relationships are maintained. It can be highly engaging for remote teams to use a visual meeting room online. These can include various break-out areas for further natural conversations. Keeping up the team’s morale by giving them a platform in which they can connect outside of meeting hours will create a positive workplace.

Cloud storage – this enables you to save data in a secure, private off-site location. Whilst out of the physical office, cloud storage can be a safe place for you to keep your work and easily share with chosen colleagues virtually.

Project management – this software organises individual tasks for employees. The platform enables them to effectively take on their task management of each project whilst working from home. This can help with time-management, increase efficiency, and be integrated into many virtual office spaces. Project management programs, such as Trello, ensure that goals are met under specific timelines and helps to manage the costs of projects. 

Video conferencing – meeting with team members over video chat has been found to cause fatigue and anxiety for many remote workers. Products such as Zoom have reported disengaging users, with many struggling to focus with nerves taking charge during a video call.

Benefits of using Orbital

At Orbital, we have built an innovative audio-only virtual office programme for remote workers. We have ensured to include all features needed for remote teams, which will increase the productivity of projects and promote psychological safety and the well-being of our users. We have created an exciting space to hold meetings, chat over lunch, or even chill on the beach.. The options are endless. Our virtual offices provide each of the following features:

  • Unlimited break-out areas: audio-proximity function
  • Unlimited screen sharing under one galaxy
  • Fully-customisable break-out areas and galaxy canvas
  • Instant-messaging and emojis
  • Mindmaps and sticky notes 
  • Embeddable links, bookmarks and documents straight onto the canvas
  • Mic off/on + push to talk
  • Set yourself as away or available
  • No download required, all at ONE link.


Not only do we provide all of these features for virtual offices, but we also host meetups, events and large conferences. Here you can toggle into meet-up mode, give permission to speak, and assign speaker permissions for their talks. As well as the above, here are a few ideas on how you can use Orbital to host your virtual events:

  • Open networking areas
  • Info booths
  • Speaker stages
  • Demo areas for your product or service
  • A vendor hall with exhibition booths
  • Themed lounges for casual chats
  • Round-table discussions
  • Virtual games space
  • Open Q&As


Whilst using Orbital, you can segregate into multiple spaces, without the hassle of juggling multiple call links, and without the fear of background noise disturbing you. If you are interested in building your galaxy, join by clicking here to join the waitlist. Alternatively, please contact our events team about your options if you are looking to set up a galaxy for a meetup. 

Virtual Office Program