Your new virtual whiteboard

Orbital, your online whiteboard for team collaboration

Are you looking for a new virtual whiteboard tool? Whether you are looking for whiteboarding, resource libraries, socials, or events, Orbital has it all! Orbitals is an innovative audio-only communications platform where you can connect instantly in real-time with your team. The proximity-based audio feature has made it possible to create unlimited break-out areas under your galaxy, making it easy to communicate with colleagues and hold collaborative team talks. You can both choose our pre-built pins as visuals or upload your own image to personalise your galaxy space. 

At Orbital, we have included multiple collaboration tools for remote teams to get the most out of their virtual meetings. Are you looking to enter presentation mode? We have made it possible for unlimited screen shares under our galaxies, which is highly engaging when communicating projects across to your team and receiving feedback. People within your proximity that you are communicating with will accept and view only, with your screen appearing in a resizable pop-up which they can drag and drop where they please on their screen.  

We have also added digital sticky notes to further the virtual collaborative process, which you can place directly onto the galaxy or into one of our preset mindmap pins. These help to organise your notes and can be great for retrospectives and team activities. Your infinite canvas can be used to replace the physical whiteboard and embed web pages onto the galaxies, such as a specific digital whiteboard website to act in a popup in your space. Using all the collaborative tools that Orbital offers, you can create the ultimate whiteboarding session for your remote teams. It is even possible to embed your music playlist into your galaxy, so if you are looking to chill out in your office whilst the marketing team are in a meeting, just hop on back to your pin! 

Are you looking to build a virtual office using a platform that will increase your team’s productivity and promote connections and collaborations between team members? Explore all of our features here and see precisely why this is the future of remote working. Join Orbital today to use all of our incredible tools and take back everything you are missing in the physical workplace. 

Screenshot of app with two pins and multiple people

Remote communication that feels more natural.

One link. No downloads. No invasive cameras. Just conversation when you want it, and quiet when you don’t.

  • Customise with backgrounds and images
  • Create unlimited breakout areas
  • Send emoji reactions
  • Send text chat and URLs
  • Broadcast unlimited screens