Virtual presence software and ‘virtual presence’ emphasis

What is a virtual presence software?

Virtual presence software allows users to feel although they are actually in a virtual world. This may be by use of VR (virtual reality), telepresence (a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present with quality video), or by placing yourself in a virtual representation of your physical meeting room; which can be highly engaging and much lower in costs then other software. 

How to emphasise your ‘virtual presence’ in remote meetings, and the right tools for this

Many individuals are looking to connect with people remotely beyond the simple video chatting and video conferencing tools. Although a video conference room allows you to conduct a meeting face to face, it lacks the engagement and the emphasis on ‘presence’ that a face meeting holds for many. Video calls often can feel repetitive, a chore, and lack high quality audio and video. Providing a technology for your team which effectively engages them is essential as a leader, and will be proven in the productivity and growth of your projects. When looking for a virtual office software to use, you must look for not only the right tools that are included for your team, but also the well-being and needs that individuals will feel comfortable in using.

Why virtual presence matters:

  • Connects individuals
  • Engages an audience
  • Builds strong relationships
  • Encourages communication
  • Boosts morale and confidence

Orbital’s user-interface

Orbital’s unique and creative UI can help users feel as though they are virtually present, whilst being sat at home. With the fully-customisable canvas, you are able to replicate your physical office with the wide range of ‘pins’ (break-out areas) as visualisations of specific areas, or even upload your own image! By using the innovative audio-proximity function, you can feel as though you are in the same room as your colleagues, by simply clicking on your personlised avatar into different break-out areas to chat with people present there, and vice-versa. Orbital is your place to hold meetings, hallway chats, and fireside singalongs… whatever spaces you want to create, they can all be under one galaxy!

Here at Orbital, we believe that natural communication is at the heart of remote working. We have taken a non-invasive approach, meaning no cameras! Yes, that’s right, you can stay in your pyjamas all day. The choice for our product not including webcams is to allow our users to communicate wherever they are and however they are, or simply if they find video meetings uncomfortable and nerve-racking like many of us. Orbital are here to wave goodbye to zoom-fatigue, and hello to creating an engaging, productive platform for remote teams again.

In our galaxies, not only can you verbally communicate and chat over messenger with others, but also make use of our endless collaborative tools. Looking to share information in a visual format? Well, unlimited screen shares are available under our galaxies! This feature appears in a resizable, movable pop-up for anyone within your proximity to accept and view. In our system we have also included multiple mind map pins, and the option to add sticky notes to the galaxy canvas for the full collaborative process. You are also able to share documents directly onto the galaxy and embed websites. Whether you’re setting a timer for a retrospective, collaborating on a spreadsheet, or playing a game together – it can all happen here! We have also added an integration guide so that teams can integrate all of their existing tools with their new galaxy easily.

We understand that security is essential for many businesses, this is why we have made it possible for you to have full control of who can hear you and see your chat messages at all times. You are also able to set yourself as away if you are busy so people don’t disturb you, and easily mute your mic along with the ‘push to talk’ function available. 

If this platform sounds like exactly what you are looking for, join here today and start building your virtual office. You will be sure to see your remote teams flourish in their new online world. There is absolutely nothing to download and no meeting links needed, simply log in using your web browser and catch up with your team in the office!

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Collaboration logos and embeds including Spotify, Jira, Miro, Figma, Hubspot, Charlie HR, Invision, Salesforce, Google Docs, and sticky notes