Why are virtual office platforms essential?

What is a virtual office platform?

A virtual office space offers everything that you miss in your physical face to face workspace in a digital format. It provides a platform for remote workers to connect in real-time and collaborate on projects quickly. As remote work is becoming more and more popular, team members search for virtual office software to communicate with their distributed teams. Many rely on video chat using platforms such as Zoom. However, other remote teams are looking for a much more natural virtual office environment to use innovative collaboration tools and encourage those water cooler chats we are missing. Over 38% of employees have reported feeling symptoms of video call fatigue or burnout, resulting in audio-only virtual office platforms becoming the go-to for many businesses.

Why is a virtual office essential for remote workers?

Team collaboration is vital for the growth of projects whilst working from home, and a remote office online allows precisely that. They can provide a meeting room to hold formal discussions, a space for team building activities essential whilst working in new environments and a whole world of collaboration features. Promoting conversations and keeping up connections between colleagues is what makes remote teams thrive, with employees with close friendships at work are 7x more likely to be engaged and productive.

The biggest challenge that remote teams are facing is connecting in a way we are not used to. Rather than conversations naturally occurring, many groups are only scheduling formal meetings. Of course, these are critical to any business, but communicating in these new environments causes anxiety amongst individuals. Encouraging teams to still connect outside of these meetings and boost team morale with team building activities is vital to keeping engaged and happy colleagues.

What features make an effective virtual office?

The most effective virtual offices offer screen sharing, whiteboard features, sticky notes and mind maps for efficient collaboration. A team works better when they are provided with a platform to visualise ideas and share this with their team efficiently. Using a virtual office where you are welcomed with various collaborative tools is essential to the growth of projects. Using software allows you to save work, such as embedding websites, bookmarks, and links, making it easier to share and keep tasks discussed.

Breakout rooms are a must on our list. Whether you are looking for a chat by the water coolers about weekend plans, a canteen to discuss ideas over lunch or a meeting office for formal talks with the team, find a platform that can tick all these boxes. Using a space in which you can hold meetings yet promote the natural conversations between colleagues, you are keeping the friendships and team connection between colleagues.

Everyone loves a personalised office. This is why using a fully-customisable platform is a great way to communicate your brand across and create some fun whilst working from home. Using a customisable virtual office platform lets your personality shine through, engages users, and allows you to create an entire world in just a few clicks. 

Sometimes team members are looking for a moment to get away, and verbally communicating is not always needed. Whether you are busy or only looking for some time to yourself, having a chat option is vital for these moments, and the addition of emojis is a plus!

What makes a virtual office different from video conferences?

Virtual offices are used to recreate the physical working environment. They are more than just a singular restricted video call, they are a complete recreation of the office. Virtual office spaces are not one singular room, rather multiple areas for team members to break out to and collaborate using a more innovative solution to video.

Connect across the globe in no time

Virtual office platforms, such as Orbital, tackle the issue we face with physical distance. Distributed teams can communicate quickly and efficiently using our online platform, breaking down the location barriers. Orbital promotes the activity to stay online all day; you may be chilling out in your office room and be waved over to the round-table to discuss with colleagues, no more awkwardly juggling links and waiting for people to organise multiple codes and passwords to enter a call.

Orbital, your virtual office solution

At Orbital, we have created an innovative audio-only platform that provides all of the above and much more. Our distance-based audio allows you to create unlimited breakout areas, all at one link, with no download required. The galaxies are both formal and fun, collaborative and private, ensuring all of your remote working needs are provided. Our customisable galaxies have seen users experience 17% higher psychological safety whilst WFH, which is our mission when building this product. 

Orbital can be used for a virtual office and for conferences, events, and trade shows. When using a galaxy as an event space, you can create multiple speaker stages, break out areas for vendors and unlimited networking areas. Unique features for this space include toggling your galaxy into meetup mode, where only people you have permitted to can speak and share their screens. With this feature for large events, we can prevent synchronous communication and allow for only selected people to talk, creating a smooth and controlled event.

Screenshot of app with two pins and multiple people

Remote communication that feels more natural.

One link. No downloads. No invasive cameras. Just conversation when you want it, and quiet when you don’t.

  • Customise with backgrounds and images
  • Create unlimited breakout areas
  • Send emoji reactions
  • Send text chat and URLs
  • Broadcast unlimited screens