Virtual meeting room

What is a virtual meeting room?

Many more businesses are conducting meetings online due to remote work rather than meeting face to face. Whilst you work from home, a virtual meeting room (vmr) makes it possible for team members to enter a collaboration space and access collaboration tools such as screen sharing or whiteboards. At Orbital, we have built an audio-only, no-download platform that offers users a unique experience to replace in-person meetings. With platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Skype for business providing limited features and a standard meeting room, we have created a platform in which all the user’s professional needs are catered for and with psychological safety at the heart of the product. Creating an audio-only platform was put into force to ensure that all users’ meeting experience was comfortable, unlike in video meetings used on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom.

Benefits of using virtual platforms

Increase productivity

Virtual meeting rooms create a space where you can efficiently collaborate with team members despite being scattered across various locations. You can present projects to each other, receive and give feedback, and track each task directly that is being undertaken.

Boost team morale

The sense of working together on projects is significant for your team’s morale. Creating an open space where people can share ideas and feel significant is essential for remote teams’ growth. Whilst working from home can have adverse effects on individuals mental health, we must recognise the importance of staying connected with others and providing a space to support each other. 

Ability to join from anywhere

Virtual meeting rooms mean that anyone anywhere can jump in on the action. Having this accessibility can be a huge benefit for large virtual events where attendees can be placed globally, increasing popularity and further growth for your business. 

How to set up a virtual meeting room (with orbital)

Setting up your galaxy and meeting participants couldn’t be easier. Follow our step-by-step guide to start building your virtual meeting room:

(We are currently experiencing a much higher demand than expected, and we will add you to the waitlist. To reserve your place, enter your email address into the form which appears)

  1. Select ‘Get Started’ on the top right-hand side of our web browser
  2. Once you have filled in your details, you will be able to name your galaxy. If you decide to change your name in the future, you can do this via the lobby.
  3. Next, add your avatar and personal details to bring your profile to life.
  4. Once your profile is ready to go, its time to invite your teammates. You can do this by entering your guests’ email address from the lobby; you can currently invite up to 20 members depending on your packages. Please contact one of the team if you would like more seats added.
  5. Make sure that your team check their email address for an email from us; they will then be able to follow the link provided to accept and join the galaxy.
  6. Liftoff! Start customising your galaxy and connect with your team again.

Benefits of using Orbital for your virtual meeting

Connect instantly

  • Audio-proximity function
  • Break-out areas
  • Flexible meeting spaces
  • All under one permanent link.


  • Unlimited screen sharing across the galaxy
  • Sticky notes to share ideas 
  • Embed links straight onto the canvas: documents, bookmarks etc.


  • Customise all break-out areas with your own images
  • Add colours to each pin
  • Customise your galaxy canvas.
Virtual meeting room