Virtual HQ

Welcome to Orbital, your new virtual HQ!

Since remote-teams have skyrocketed, the mission to create an effective, collaborative virtual HQ for WFH teams is on the go. Since the cultural shift to remote working, the world is on the hunt for virtual platforms which allow teams to communicate easily, hold meetings, share ideas and collaborate efficiently, just as if you were in the physical office.

Orbital offers a fully customisable virtual office catering to all of this and much more. By creating your galaxy, you are entering a unique online platform where you can host multiple meetings under the same link, chat with your remote team within your customisable pin spaces, and collaborate using interactive tools incorporated within the galaxies. Much like a phone call, Orbital is an audio-only platform created with real connections in mind and our users’ well-being at the heart of the product.

The challenges we face

Remote teams struggle with isolation, collaboration, and communication. This is often caused by the lack of casual conversations, which we miss when working in our new home environments. Many of us are energised by these and thrive when in more informal situations, creating more of those ‘light bulb’ moments. If your team is only connected when jumping into a Zoom video meeting and then shut off as soon as this ends, conversations can become static and uncomfortable, causing teams’ productivity to drop… This is where Orbital comes in.

The solution for remote teams

Orbital is an audio-only platform, made possible with a unique proximity-based audio function. You can feel connected to your team as if you were in the same room, bringing back the canteen chats and chillout zones to breakout to after meetings. This enables your whole team to be under the same galaxy and chat with each other in different pin areas. You could be holding a 1-on-1 meeting in your office while others collaborate and share screens in the chillout zone. This platform has success stories for multiple different types of virtual groups, with not only being an incredible space for remote working teams but also home to:

  • Schools and universities
  • Meetups for friends
  • Conferences and trade shows
  • Virtual events

We also understand the importance of being able to shut off for a while. This is why we have added the feature to ‘lock pins’ if you are busy in your office or setting yourself as ‘away’ to the rest of the team. You can also chat via message in the chatbox, send emojis and wave specific people over to your space. 

The customisation option for your galaxy allows you to add that personal touch to your team galaxy. Each ‘pin’ area created can be made into your own by adding a pre-set image as a visual or uploading your own image; this could be of your individual office rooms! We have not only created this innovative platform where you can talk to people close to you but also incorporated multiple collaborative tools, including:

  • Unlimited screen sharing under the same galaxy
  • Sticky notes
  • Mindmaps
  • Embedded links

Your virtual HQ

Create your galaxy today and join the future of remote working. Teams who use Orbital report experiencing 17% higher psychological safety and businesses with highly engaged teams report 21% higher profitability and 40% higher productivity. Orbital encourages a relaxed, natural working environment where employees have control over how they work and communicate. Your team can sit in all day as they would in the office and simply navigate across the galaxy to appropriate pin locations when needed. Are you ready to introduce the team to Orbital?

You Virtual HQ