Virtual Office

2021 – The reawakening of the virtual office

With the huge increase in teams’ WFH, the need for online virtual offices is beaming. For many employees working from home, the virtual office solution allowing colleagues to communicate effectively online, as you would in the office environment, is at the forefront of team leaders’ minds to achieve a successful remote working experience. Professional business owners across the world are adapting to their new working environments, and are on the hunt for an online virtual office that not only allows for effective, natural communication, but also a variety of collaboration and organisational tools for their teams to use whilst juggling multiple projects.

When working from home, your team culture must be as powerful offsite as it is in the office. This is why at Orbital, we believe in creating a safe space that not only provides an incredible virtual office service but also promotes positive psychological health with our users. Studies have shown that Orbital users experience 17% higher psychological safety when using our platform, which is what drives our mission, and is vital when many of us are struggling to adapt to our new working environments. When building our galaxies, our users’ mental health was at the forefront of planning, which is why an audio-only platform has come into place. This takes the pain out of video preparation, ‘Zoom fatigue’, and the anxiety that many individuals face in video calls.

The benefits? Well, onboard your team and experience it firsthand!

The benefits of using our virtual office are endless. Having a platform to communicate with fellow colleagues as both a large and small business is pivotal in the growth and productivity of your team. Whilst you are looking for a formal platform to hold meetings, the need for a space that promotes the natural conversations which would occur in the physical office space is vital, with employees having close friendships at work becoming 7x more likely to be engaged and productive. At Orbital, the services offered provide exactly that. Whether you are looking to hold a formal meeting, chat in the canteen over lunch, collaborate using various tools, or getaway to have some time for yourself, we have built a platform that caters to it all.

Orbital’s innovative features

  • Pins and Customisation

When using Orbital, you can let your personality and brand values shine. In your galaxy, you can both customise your ‘pins’ (much like meeting rooms) using our image library, or upload your own images to personalise your office space. By using pins, you can recreate your company culture in the office; whether that be a 1-1 office, a table to sit around and chat about the weekend, a games room, or a gym, the options are endless. These pins are highly effective in recreating the real-world by the use of our audio-proximity feature…

  • Audio-Proximity Feature

Orbital is an audio-only platform. Yes, no more endless, burnout Zoom videos; just real, relaxed, natural conversations. The proximity-based function we have created allows you to speak to people who are close to you, providing the opportunity for multiple meetings to be going on at once, all under the same galaxy, and at the same link. This innovative function is not only great for remote working teams and holding conferences, but also for schools and universities looking to gather for main lessons and split into themed study groups across the galaxy. This feature encourages the chats which occur outside of meetings and promotes the action of staying online all day. If you are looking to shut off for a moment, you are also easily able to set yourself as ‘away’ and mute your mic; or use the ‘push to talk’ feature by pressing the spacebar. 

  • Collaboration Tools

You can also set up your pin areas with different topics in mind, whether there is a specific meeting room used to handle social media planning, you may incorporate links sharing important documents in this space, or relevant sticky notes and videos embedded onto the galaxy space for team members to see, add and come back to. Not only can you use these incredible collaborative tools, but you are also able to screen-share multiple screens at once, all under the same galaxy. This feature allows for ease in collaborating within different pinned areas and appears in an adjustable pop-up under the same space.

  • Chat and Emojis

We know that users sometimes need a break from communicating verbally. This is why we have also included the chat and emoji feature. This enables team members to be able to communicate amongst themselves and send emoji reactions using the emoji tab at the bottom of the galaxy. You are also able to customise this set with your own choice of emojis, and swap in ones relevant to how you are feeling that day.

Build your galaxy today

Are you looking to onboard your team and boost engagement? Join Orbital today and watch your team flourish. The Orbital platform is trusted by remote teams across the globe, with proven success stories from sectors such as business teams, university students, and conferences. If you are looking to be a part of the future of remote work, take a look at our virtual office package and list of pricing here.

Screenshot of app with two pins and multiple people

Remote communication that feels more natural.

One link. No downloads. No invasive cameras. Just conversation when you want it, and quiet when you don’t.

  • Customise with backgrounds and images
  • Create unlimited breakout areas
  • Send emoji reactions
  • Send text chat and URLs
  • Broadcast unlimited screens