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Sales + Growth Manager

We are looking for a Sales + Growth Manager to help our small but powerful team generate leads, build strong customer relationships, and help us manage user feedback. You’ll be working alongside experienced entrepreneurs and will play a key role in growing our B2B SaaS product and devoted customer base.

Orbital (https://orbital.chat) is an open-channel, audio-first communication tool, helping remote teams engage more naturally. We are providing a new way for remote teams to communicate as if they were in the same room, without the burnout of video calls or managing temporary chat links.

Our mission is to make communication feel natural, accessible, and fun for everyone. We are committed to diversity in our product and our team.

In this job, your day-to-day might include...

  • Executing muti-channel communication strategies
  • Giving demos of our product
  • Developing email marketing campaigns
  • Following up with new users to support them through to paid conversion
  • Reporting on key marketing metrics

You'll be a perfect fit if...

  • you have experienced in sales pipelines
  • you are comfortable being driven by specific targets and KPIs
  • you are organised with excellent attention to detail
  • you love to learn
  • you are full of creativity
  • you can take ownership over a project from start-to-finish
  • you are a nice person who wants to work with other nice people

You'll also need to already know, or be willing to learn...

  • Analytics tools like Firebase, Google Analytics, and MixPanel
  • How Agile software development works

As part of the team, you'll receive...

  • A flexible, fully-remote work schedule
  • At least 15 hours per week, at £10-12 per hour, plus commission
  • Lots of support to learn new things and grow in your career

If you don’t have all the qualifications above, please still get in touch! You can still bring a lot of value to our team, and we’d love to hear from you.

To apply, please email your CV to [email protected].

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