Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Orbital started as a simple tool for online parties. We missed being in a room full of people, but having more intimate conversations with only two or three at a time.

We soon discovered that it wasn’t just a social issue. Remote teams report that their primary challenges are collaboration, building trust, and loneliness. “Zoom Culture” makes this worse, when everything is an awkward scheduled video call, as a poor replacement for frequent, quick, more human connection during the day.

Remote teams and communities needed a way to experience real-life interaction without the cold experience of passing endless meeting links back and forth, sitting in awkward video call waiting rooms, and experiencing meeting overload.

Enter Orbital

We launched our first version for work teams and started working closely with Beta users to design a system to change the way they communicate.

Today, Orbital has evolved into a powerful Virtual Communication Framework. Teams all over the world use our tools and add-ons to create a custom communication space that works for their unique use case.

Orbital completely eliminates the friction of remote communication, by giving everyone access to a common virtual space that is always open, with zero meeting links to manage. Members of the space can navigate into active conversations, drop by a colleague’s desk, meet casually through the day, broadcast their screens freely, and even sit together to co-work.