Zoom Fatigue

Zoom Fatigue

What is Zoom fatigue? Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom calls have been booming due to remote teams on the rise. Video chat has become the new go-to for many businesses to hold video meetings, but the platform has many faults that negatively affect its users’ mind and body. Whilst many of us work from home, […]

How to effectively lead virtual team meetings

How to effectively lead virtual team meetings

What makes team leadership virtually different? Now that many businesses face unique challenges and have to work from home, the shift from face-to-face interaction to holding effective virtual meetings is at the top of many virtual leaders’ lists. Business team leaders now realise the lack of features and effects that a video call can have […]

How to Make Virtual Meetings Fun

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How to make virtual meetings fun We have all been there, talking awkwardly over each other into a camera, watching your remote employees staring back with tiredness in their eyes and that bored glare. You’re using the same old PowerPoint slide and equally wanting the uncomfortable video call to end as much as the next […]

The Top Breakout Areas That Your Online Meetup Needs

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What is a breakout area? A breakout area is a space for smaller groups to break out into a workshop-style group, away from the larger events and speakers’ main stage. If you’re hosting an online meetup, then you’ll probably want to be able to provide various breakout areas across your virtual event. Breakout areas encourage […]

How Audeo Used Orbital To Increase Their Productivity

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Audeo, a Bristol-based digital marketing agency, felt the negative impacts of the working from home guidance more than many. With a small team and a singular office, their team thrived on in-person working. The natural communication flow and team interaction was somewhat lost when they had to switch to remote working. They were already using […]

The only meeting checklist you’ll ever need

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Before Determine the Goal Get to the bottom of what your singular, ultimate goal is for the meeting. What do you need to have achieved by the end of it? Your agenda should be shaped towards achieving this goal. Write an Agenda Create a full and detailed agenda for your meeting, and ensure that all […]

9 tried-and-true tips for better remote meetings that you can use today

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Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, remote meetings are becoming the norm for most businesses. While these meetings function similarly to those that would happen in a physical office, there are some differences that can hinder the success and efficiency of the meeting Many remote workers report that online meetings result in poor collaboration, difficulty […]

The Secret to better remote team productivity

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With the sudden shift of remote work following the coronavirus outbreak, for many employees, getting into the rhythm of home-working can be challenging. Productivity can be stunted by a variety of factors; parental responsibilities, crowded workspace, technology issues, and mental health issues.  As an employer, it is important to tackle these issues of low productivity […]

Orbital vs Whereby

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Orbital vs Whereby Whereby is a simple video platform used to meet with others online. Much like Zoom, This space only allows for straightforward video meetings; which is not always the most effective use for remote-working communication. You are limited and restricted to a singular call, and unlike Orbital, it does not promote the activity […]

Orbital vs Slack

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Orbital vs Slack Learning how to work from home efficiently within teams is pivotal in the growth and success of your business. With remote-working becoming the norm across the world, platforms that allow teams to communicate efficiently from their new home working environment is key. Slack offers chat services, yet is missing out on the […]