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The Orbital for Startups programme

Orbital is the all-in-one virtual space builder that lets you
connect, create, hang out, and build a vibrant culture together.

Orbital is the perfect tool for keeping your growing startup on the same page.

We’re the virtual communication platform that brings back all the things you missed about in-office collaboration.

Interact with all your people under one (virtual) roof in approachable and playful virtual spaces customized to look, sound, and add more joy to your workday.

To qualify, you must have raised less than $2M in funding, have fewer than 50 employees, have been trading for less than 5 years, and be associated with one of our partners.

Programme members get...

  • Your first three 10 members free
  • 60% off additional members
  • All galaxy features included in the “Pro” tier
  • Unlimited galaxy use

Teams and communities across the globe love Orbital!

A collage of company logos

Spark joy with a space that feels like YOU

When we say fully customised, we mean it. Orbital’s super-flexible framework lets you showcase your unique spirit and create a space that looks and operates how you want it to.

From furniture and decor, to permissions and privacy settings, we’ve got you covered.

  • Use our extensive library of graphics, or upload your own for a space that’s totally unique.
  • Customise your privacy, permissions, document storage, screen sharing, emojis, and more.
  • Inspire bonding and conversation-turned-breakthroughs with spaces that inspire.

Enjoy more authentic interaction with spatial audio

Float freely in and out of meetings, discussions, and hallway chitchat, just like you were in the same room.

Move your avatar using your mouse or keyboard, and you’ll only hear audio from others who are in close proximity.

Whether conversations are spontaneous or planned, Orbital lets you communicate seamlessly in one place throughout the day.

  • Meet comfortably in an audio-rich setting made interactive with emotive listening.
  • Have unlimited conversations in the same galaxy, without distractions.
  • Reduce the time spent in meetings by up to 60%.

Communicate faster and more effectively with better meeting tools​

Trade energy-zapping Zoom calls, email burnout, and Slack overload for fewer, shorter meetings, faster response times, and more efficient communication.

Work, talk, snack – all without the pressure of constantly being on camera. Get answers quickly when response time matters most.

  • Broadcast unlimited screens
  • Brainstorm directly on the canvas
  • Share links and docs with ease

Action item: Discuss the new designs before sprint planning

Off early for the big game. See you Monday!

Get that "leaving for the night" feeling again

When you WFH, it’s hard to unplug at the end of the day. With tools that make us feel like we’re working 24/7 rather than 9-5, it’s no wonder so many feel disengaged and uninspired.

Enter and leave your galaxy as you please, or set your availability, so you can create clear boundaries that help you better enjoy work and life.

  • Signal when you’re available and when you’re away
  • Build better team connection and trust

Creators, teams, and leaders are over the moon 🌙 for Orbital

"Game-changing for remote teams and culture"
The first time you use it you realise just how invasive & unnecessary/unnatural video is. This is game changing for remote teams and culture… you MUST try it out.

Simon, Digital entrepreneur, non exec & VC

"This is going to be the next big thing"

We just had our first call in Orbital and the user experience, design and functionality are purely amazing. This is going to be the next big thing in remote work and audio spaces! 🤯🚀🚀

Martel, Founder & CEO at Soko

"Exactly what we need to keep engagement high"
Orbital is such a breath of fresh air for remote working, exactly what we need to collaborate and keep energy and engagement high on projects.

Pippa, Growth Manager

"A perfect way to inject some offbeat interactivity into the 9-5"

This is the future technology of the hybrid workplace. It leaves no remote worker behind from the social side of work and is a perfect way to inject some offbeat interactivity into the 9-5, especially compared to the landscape of monotonous video-calls.

Rebecca, Office Manager

"Serious enough for business, casual enough to be enjoyable."
Orbital feels serious enough to be used for business, but casual enough to be enjoyable. There is a fine line between the ice-cold pragmatism of a Zoom, and the frivolous gamer-broz-lolz of other recent platforms in this space, and Orbital walks this line with poise.
Rachel, Orbital User
"I've been looking for a way to communicate more effectively with my team. This is PERFECT!"

I’ve been looking for a way to communicate more effectively with my team beyond the tedious typing on Slack. This is PERFECT! It’s such an engaging product and creating your own “galaxy” is super fun.

Nick, Founder at ContentBot

Experience remote work that feels more natural, more productive, more human .