6 standup formats your remote team will love

Love them or hate them, standups are a part of daily life for most teams. The most common complaints about standup are that they take too long, they’re pointless because nothing new is learned, or that the typical formats cover up any real problems on the team.

We’ve pulled together a list of formats that you can try out with your team to break past the Standup Blues.

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What was the best part of yesterday?

What was the worst part of yesterday?

What can I do to help you today?

What’s your goal today?

Do you have what you need to accomplish it?

What are you working on today?

Do you need anything to accomplish it?

Will you be unavailable at all today?

In a perfect world, what would you get done today?

What’s stopping you?

What did you do yesterday?

How do you feel today?

What do you plan to accomplish today?

What does the day ahead look like for you?

If you could change any part of it with a magic wand, what would you change?

This is going to change everything.

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