The 3 Slack automations that every team needs

If you’re one of the many teams that use Slack, you probably already know how powerful Slack reminders and bots can be. They’re the perfect way to automate tasks and take some stuff off your plate.

Here are our favourite bots and reminders, which you can copy and paste right now, to keep your remote team thriving.

Not sure how to create them? It’s easy! Check out Slack’s how-to articles for creating a Slackbot and scheduling reminders.

Morning standup

Standups are a common activity on teams, but they can be hard to remember. This reminder will help make sure everyone gets there on time.

/remind #general :alarm_clock: It's standup time! Meet us at the Standup pin in 2 minutes. every day at 9:15am
Screenshot of a Slack reminder for standup
Screenshot of a slack reminder to meet for coffee

Have a coffee together

Coffee. Coffee is what brings us together. That dream within a dream.

Schedule a reminder each morning to pop in and say hello with a cuppa. It’s a great way to make sure your team takes a moment to refuel during the day.

/remind #general :coffee: It's coffee break time! Grab your cup and hop into the galaxy for a catchup. every day at 10:15am

Everyone loves lunch

Especially for remote teams, it’s important to take the time to be social and get to know each other.

A weekly lunch is easy to set up, and will quickly become something the whole team looks forward to.

/remind #general What's for lunch? :pizza: :hamburger: :burrito: Grab your plate and let's meet at the Lunch Table pin! every Friday at 12:30pm

💡 Tip:  Not one for small talk? Decorate your Lunch area in Orbital with games, videos to watch together, etc.

Screenshot of a Slack reminder to meet for lunch

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