Our top remote retrospective ideas

We love retros!

Retros are your chance to come together for real talk, brainstorm ideas from a different perspective, build trust, and refuel. These regular exercises together are vital to a team’s performance and culture. Remote retros don’t have to hinder your interactions, they can enhance them! 

If your team has progressed past the boring old “start doing, stop doing, keep doing” format and you’re ready to try something new, you’re in the right place. These retrospective ideas are specifically designed to engage remote teams and get you the results you need.

I love and I wish

This one’s easy peasy. The framing of these prompts allows your team to keep a positive mindset, even when putting forth challenges and problems to discuss.

  • I love…
  • I wish…

Just add these two sticky notes to the canvas and start your timer.

Pride / Wish / Appreciate / Hope

  • What I’m proud we did
  • What I wish hadn’t happened
  • What I appreciated from others
  • What I hope we do

Similar to the retro above, this keeps everyone aligned in a positive way, while adding an additional layer of kudos! It’s a great opportunity for managers to give a personal thumbs up to everyone on the team.

Our mindmap pin graphics can help add some structure to this retro.

Retro Against Humanity

This one is inspired by the game Cards Against Humanity, a popular madlib-style game where players fill in the blanks. In this retro, one question gets asked at a time.

  • The best part about our team is _____.

  • This sprint was going great until _____.

  • Our velocity is _____.

  • When _____ happens, we should celebrate!

This is the perfect retro for GIFs, which can be added to the canvas after they’re sent in Chat.

Room for Improvement

Sometimes we go into a retro knowing full well that the last sprint was a mess. It happens, we’re human! This format helps the team frame what happened and why in a way that’s constructive and looks toward the future.

  • Things we lacked
  • Lessons learned
  • Ideas for the future

How do you feel…

This is a fun format that uses GIFS, which can be added to the canvas after they’re shared to Chat.

Using one topic at a time, ask the team to move their avatar next to the GIF that represents how they feel about the question.

When using this format, be cautious not to invite “false positives” and organise your questions/GIFs in a way where people still have an opportunity to bring up difficult topics or challenges.

Three little pigs

For this retro, you can download our template graphic here.

In the story of the three little pigs, the straw house is weak. The wooden house is okay, but not great. The brick house is super solid!

Ask your team to write down the things that they believe falls under each category.

Oh, one last thing… Retros aren’t just for developers!

Coming together as a team to congratulate yourselves on your wins, and uncover problems, isn’t just for dev teams.

We believe that all teams should do retrospectives throughout projects. They will help you uncover any issues you are facing, which hinder the project’s development and allow you to resolve this quickly. The reflective process that retrospectives provide teams is highly effective in building a powerful team and successful businesses in any sector. If you are looking for a platform to hold your remote retrospective meetings that provide endless breakout rooms, mindmaps for meetings, and various collaborative features, Orbital is your answer. 


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