Orbital vs Discord

Discord is most popular in the gaming world, providing a chat service for gamers whilst online playing with friends and team members. You are able to chat with friends, and speak on audio when included in specific team chats, with no option to segregate into individual chats under the same room. This is where Orbital stands out, where you are able to communicate with multiple teams, separated, all under the same galaxy. Orbital not only provides an effective platform for remote-workers, but can also serve as a fun space with customisable areas where friends are able to meet virtually, locate to various ‘pins’ and play team games.

Inside the Main Communication Area


Orbital provides a proximity based function, which can be incredibly handy when you are looking to chat with specific users. All members are also able to customise their images and galaxies, which can create fun spaces to interact with each other online. Orbital can both not only provide a platform for remote workers, but also gamers to communicate effectively when playing with each other. If you are looking for some time to get away, simply locate your proximity away from others, or alternatively use the mute and push to talk function for a moment.


Unlike Orbital, when you create a group on Discord, you are only able to speak with everyone within your team chat, rather than locate away to other spaces under the same room. This can be incredibly useful for gamers, when having a group of friends playing multiple games online, and being able to pop into other spaces to chat on audio when needed.

Breakout Areas


Here at Orbital, they have created a pin feature which allows you to create customisable spaces suited to your needs. You are able to add your own images to create these spaces, or use the preset images available in the Orbital system. This tool efficiently accompanies the proximity-based audio feature, providing visualisation to add to the natural feeling which you get when using the Orbital platform. Fancy sitting around a campfire when meeting up with friends? This fun alternative can do exactly that.


Discord acts as audio, video, and chat, yet with no space to add your own customisable areas to locate to. The restriction and limitations to these rooms is where Orbital takes the lead, creating an engaging and innovative platform which acts as almost a singular home with multiple areas.

Screen Sharing


Not only are you able to speak with audio and chat, but you are also able to broadcast multiple screens within your galaxy, making it incredibly useful in collaborating with team members and communicating ideas or visuals across effectively. This screenshare appears for users when accepting your screen share request, which then acts as an adjustable pop up, still within the same web page; making it easily accessible and at incredible loading speed.


Discord also provides a screen share feature, yet unlike Orbital, does not allow multiple screen shares under the same room. This can cause difficulty when looking to collaborate on projects, having to switch back and forth between the two screens.

Let's take a quick look at just why Orbitals' features are victorious over Discord...

Orbital Other Meetup Platforms
Your branding Fully customisable A logo, maybe?
Breakout areas Unlimited and ad-hoc Limited and formal
Fun to navigate Feels like a game! Definitely not
Guest conversations Hang out as long as you want Everyone gets booted when the host leaves
Speakers and presenters Unlimited and many at once Limited and usually one at a time
Built-in interactive activities 50+ suggestions, or add your own Nope



The Orbital online communications channel is second to none. The team here is driven in providing an effective remote working experience for all of their users, and are constantly on the lookout to hear ideas and feedback. In response to this, they have provided both live chat and email options, where you will always receive a quick and friendly response. Not only are you able to speak directly with the team at Orbital, but you are also able to access a public Trello board for users to visit, https://trello.com/b/z4WtOOkP/orbital-public-roadmap, including further information on Orbital, lists of features, and a space for feedback and ideas. 

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you and your team get the most from your new galaxy when joining Orbital. The team has also now included an integration guide that is currently being built out: http://orbital.chat/integration-guide which will include 22 commonly used tools, to help your galaxy get set up with tools suited that best match your working strategies.


When using Orbital, you are able to access all of the features from Discord, plus many more. This incredible alternative can not only provide a space for remote-teams, but also a fun platform for friends to get together from home. Orbital has created the feeling of being in the same room with your team; all at the same link, with no download required. Now… are you ready to start building your galaxy?

Screenshot of app with two pins and multiple people

Remote communication that feels more natural.

One link. No downloads. No invasive cameras. Just conversation when you want it, and quiet when you don’t.

  • Customise with backgrounds and images
  • Create unlimited breakout areas
  • Send emoji reactions
  • Send text chat and URLs
  • Broadcast unlimited screens


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