How does Orbital compare to the competition?

Icon of headphones

Spatial audio

In Orbital, you only hear the people who are close to you. That means you can have unlimited people in the same space at the same time.

Icon of a screen and plant

Broadcast screens

Instead of passing “Presenter” back and forth, your entire team is free to broadcast their screens. You can also view multiple screen shares at once.

Icon of map pins

Instant breakouts

Breakout areas help you to add structure to your galaxy and organise your team.

Fully customisable

From space, to wood flooring, to carpet, to beach sand, our library of images has something for everyone.

Icon of sofa

Decorate your galaxy

We provide a full library of graphics for teams of all kinds, or you can upload your own.

Presentation mode

Need more control? Switch your galaxy’s Mode and choose who to give speaking or screen share permission to.

Sticky notes

Stickies are a quick way to take action items, brainstorm with the team, or just leave someone a little note in their office.

Embed websites and video

Embed other websites with just a few clicks. Perfect for productivity apps, whiteboards, games, music, and more.

Emoji and GIF reactions

A fun way to participate in the conversation without un-muting. Emojis are also great for voting and interactive activities.

Icon of books

Bookmark links

Drop links into your galaxy to bookmark them. Customise your resource libraries quickly and easily


Announce a meeting or conversation topic to the whole galaxy and invite them to join you.

Live captioning

Orbital is optimised to work with Google Chrome’s Live Caption feature for accessibility.


You can use Orbital in your browser, install the desktop app, or access it from your mobile phone or tablet.

Icon of a lock

Safety and controls

Our flexible system is designed with user safety in mind. We can easily adjust galaxy permissions to fit exactly what you need.

Out-of-this-world customer support

We love helping customers. Have a request or idea? Contact us by email anytime.

Orbital has helped teams and communities across the globe communicate better.

Orbital vs our competitors

Whoever you communicate with, wherever you are in the world, Orbital is your virtual home.