The ultimate guide to onboarding your team in Orbital

Welcome, new Orbital Ambassador! This step-by-step guide will help you and your team get the most from your new galaxy.

Pins with desk and lounge area

Step 1: Identify your cases

Some teams like to leave their galaxy open in a tab during their whole work day. Others pin a link to their Slack or other productivity apps, and just pop in when they want to chat.

Some questions to ask yourself:


  • What meetings do we have each week that could be moved to Orbital?

  • What traditions do we have each morning?

  • What social events do we participate in together?


Try to find opportunities to use Orbital daily, to help everyone become comfortable with the tool.

Step 2: Set up your pins

Pins are an easy way to mark breakout areas on the canvas. You can jump to any pin by clicking on it in the “Who’s Here” panel.

Your galaxy already has a “Centre” pin. This often becomes the main social gathering spot for a galaxy. You can add new pins by dragging the canvas to a new area and clicking on the “Add a new pin” button. Here are some examples of the types of pins that some users have added:


  • Departments like Marketing, Development, Product, etc.

  • Projects for example, Blog Redesign, Referral Program, etc.

  • Meetings such as Daily Standup, Town Hall, etc.

  • Social Topics like Lunchtime, Movie Buffs, Foodies, etc.

Some teams like to create pre-defined conference rooms that they can pop into, just like if they were located in the office. Check out these ideas for naming your conference areas. Get creative! You can even mimic your office space with pins like Break Room, Rooftop, Boss’s Office, etc.

💡 Tip: Be sure to space your pins out so you can only see one pin on the screen at a time, to avoid overlapping audio.

Screenshot of a desk pin that says "office hours"

Step 3: Integrate with your existing systems

Make sure that your new galaxy URL is available when your team needs it.

  • Bookmark it in the team wiki

  • Pin it to your existing chat channels

  • Add it to your calendar items


Check out our full Integration Guide for tips on how to use your galaxy with these popular productivity tools.

Step 4: Invite the whole team

Now that your galaxy is set up, you’re ready to invite others to join you! We recommend doing as many of these as apply for your team:


  • Change meeting invites to reference your galaxy URL, and pin name if applicable

  • Pin your galaxy URL to chat channels, or include it in your wiki

On your first day using Orbital, invite everyone to a welcome party. Lost for words? Here’s a script you can use:


We’ve just started using Orbital, the new audio-only tool for meetings and socialising. You can see an explanation of how it works at Let’s all meet there at time to explore the tool together. Our galaxy link is [link]. See you then!

Screenshot of creating a Slack bot

Step 5: Track outcomes

Check in with your team in the weeks after you’ve started using Orbital.


  • Are they using it regularly?

  • Has it helped them communicate more?

  • Has the quality and frequency of their communication improved?

We want to hear about it! Email us anytime with your experiences at [email protected].

Have questions?

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