Hi! If you’ve found this page, then that means you’ve been invited into an Orbital galaxy. We are so glad you’re here!

This handy reference doc will help you get the most from your new galaxy. We’ll cover:

Pins with desk and lounge area

Why Orbital is different

Orbital uses distance-based spatial audio, allowing you and your teammates to have unlimited conversations and collaborate in the same space, without talking over each other. Plus, everything happens in the same galaxy, so there are never any meeting links to juggle.

See it in action
Watch the demo video (1:48)
Orbital Other Meetup Platforms
Fun to navigate Feels like a game Definitely not
Breakout areas Unlimited and ad-hoc Limited and formal
Built-in interactive activities Pick from library, or add your own Nope
Speakers and presenters Unlimited and flexible Limited and usually one at a time
Guest conversations Hang out as long as you want Everyone gets booted when the host leaves
Branding Fully customisable A logo, maybe?

How to navigate the galaxy

You can move your avatar by:

  • Dragging & dropping your avatar
  • Double-clicking anywhere in the galaxy
  • The arrow keys ←  ↑  →  or  ↓
  • Selecting “Go to location” in the submenu for a pin or person

Pins are located in the sidebar, and are shortcuts to pre-designated areas in the galaxy.

If you get lost, just click the “Recentre me” icon at the bottom-right of your screen.

Collaborating with others

Your galaxy is full of exciting interactive features to keep the whole team engaged and collaborating. Check out any of the links below for the full FAQ:

Screen sharing allows all users to broadcast their screens at the same time, and view multiple screens at once. Read more…

Presentation Mode allows you to control who can speak or share their screen. It’s perfect for meetups, conferences, lectures, or anytime you need more control over what your guests can do in your galaxy. Read more…

You can also:

Collaboration logos and embeds including Spotify, Jira, Miro, Figma, Hubspot, Charlie HR, Invision, Salesforce, Google Docs, and sticky notes

How to install the desktop app

Keep Orbital handy at all times by installing our desktop app.

Open Google Chrome and go to https://app.orbital.chat. Click on the install button to open a Progressive Web App which can be pinned to your dock or saved to your desktop.

Not using Chrome? Bookmark Orbital in your browser using these instructions.

Need help? Have feedback or requests?

Most questions can be answered by searching our FAQs which includes how-to articles, ideas, and tips.

We also love helping customers directly to get the most from their galaxies. If you have any questions, feedback, or requests, you can email us at [email protected].


Top leaders are embracing remote by switching to Orbital

" This is what remote collaboration should feel like!"

Eden, Freelance Marketing and Acquisition Strategist