Host the most interactive and engaging online meetups ever

The all-in-one communication space builder for communities that value
connection, creativity, and building a vibrant culture.

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Remote work teams

Engaging daily standups
Unique all-hands meetings
Enjoyable pair programming

Online co-working

Collaborate with peers
Stay motivated and accountable
Combat loneliness and isolation

Study sessions

Stay motivated and accountable
Collaborate with students
Create unique worlds

Online communities

Virtual coffees and meetups
Gather at a persistent online home
Create a unique custom world


More interactive meetups
Create instant breakaways
Create a unique navigable world

Coaching and mentoring

Easy open hours sessions
More personal connections
Build a strong community

Gaming meetups

Build a unique, custom world
Create interactive play areas
More interactive sessions


Easy open hours sessions
More personal connections
Build a strong community

Endless possibilitiesRemote workOnline co-workingStudy sessionsOnline clubsPair programmingDigital classroomOpen office hoursDaily standupsGaming meetupsOne-to-OnesHackathonsOnline group sessionsTeambuildingTown hallsEventsSocialsCoaching and mentoringBrainstormsWorkshopsFocus groupsVirtual trade showsTeam lunchesVirtual coffeeFundraising events

Create unlimited stages. Control who can speak and where, have as many speakers as you like, and custom set permissions.

Design fun breakout areas. Create unique zones for your guests to explore and hang out in together. No more boring”faces on a screen” meetups.

Great revenue opportunity! Create a marketplace or trade show floor, sell booth space, or link to upsells. It’s all included.

With Orbital, you’ll banish the boring, boost creativity, and build a thriving culture – together.

Experience the most natural, engaging remote meetups you'll ever have.

  • Design your custom space – called a “galaxy” – or choose one of our professionally designed-templates
  • Move your avatar to connect with the people near you
  • Create instant breakaway areas by simply moving away
  • Broadcast screens simultaneously, share files, and use interactive collaboration features

Hyper-engaged teams and communities across the globe love Orbital

Reject the routine with interactive hangout environments

Float freely in and out of meetings, discussions, and hallway chitchat, just like you were in the same room.

  • Meet comfortably in a spatially-aware setting
  • Enjoy interactive and emotive listening
  • Unlimited conversations happening in the same place

Create a feeling of belonging in a space that feels like home

Choose from one of our templates, or use our super-flexible framework to create a space that looks and operates how you want it to.

  • Use our extensive library of graphics, or upload your own for a space that’s totally unique
  • Customise your privacy, permissions, document storage, screen sharing, emojis, and more

New idea: Weekly coffee catchup morning in the galaxy

So much more than just faces on a screen

Trade energy-zapping video calls and messenger overload for friendly pop-in chats, faster response times, and more transparent communication.

  • Broadcast unlimited screens at the same time
  • Brainstorm directly on the canvas
  • Share links and docs with ease

Top organisers are embracing remote by switching to Orbital

Experience the difference of gathering in a fun and interactive virtual meetup space!