The ultimate guide to planning your Orbital meetup

Hi! 👋 We’re really excited you’re here because you’re about to learn why Orbital is the perfect place to host your next meetup.

We’ve built our galaxies with one thing in mind – real connection between human beings! That means that a few things are different during an Orbital meetup. In this toolkit you’ll learn…

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Why Orbital is different

First, let’s look at a few ways that Orbital is different from other meetup platforms and tools.

Orbital Other Meetup Platforms
Your branding Fully customisable A logo, maybe?
Breakout areas Unlimited and ad-hoc Limited and formal
Fun to navigate Feels like a game! Definitely not
Guest conversations Hang out as long as you want Everyone gets booted when the host leaves
Speakers and presenters Unlimited and many at once Limited and usually one at a time
Built-in interactive activities 50+ suggestions, or add your own Nope
Accessibility A growing list of features Not always, and sometimes costs extra

Creating your meetup galaxy

Create your Orbital account at

Once your email is verified, you’ll be able to create your galaxy.

By default, your galaxy will have a limit of 20 people, but the more the merrier! Contact us via the chat link on the bottom of this screen if you need more seats and we’ll get you set up in no time.

Screenshot of a galaxy with five people talking on sofas
Screenshot of presenter permssions

Assigning speakers and presenters

By default, all of your attendees will be able to speak, share their screens, and use all of our collaboration tools. While it certainly makes for a lively event, we understand you’ll want more control.

You can toggle your galaxy into Presentation Mode, so only the people you’ve given permission to can speak and share their screens.

When in Presentation Mode, you can easily assign speaker permissions by ticking the star next to someone’s name. Read more…

Setting up breakout and conversation areas

Of course a meetup isn’t really the same unless people can mingle. That’s where things get really cool…

Give a little structure to your meetup by creating some pins. Think from the perspective of a guest. What areas would make them feel welcome to join in the conversation? Maybe…

  • An info booth with a map of the space, links to the event schedule, etc.
  • Open Q&A with speakers
  • Office hours with special guests
  • Roundtable discussions about pre-selected topics
  • Open networking areas
  • Themed lounges for a casual chat
  • Fireside chat
  • Interactive spaces for games and collaboration
  • Demo areas for your product or service
  • A vendor hall with exhibition booths. Vendors can decorate their booths, include pre-recorded or live video, chat with visitors, share documents, gather signups, and more. Hello, revenue opportunity!


You can select an image from our gallery of background, or upload your own. We even support animated GIFs!

Graphic of three seating areas with avatars in them

Introducing your attendees to Orbital

For your meetup to go smoothly, it’s important that your guests know what to expect when they arrive. It may be their first time in an Orbital galaxy! We recommend briefing them ahead of time, for example…

We’ll be hosting our upcoming event on Orbital, the new virtual meeting space platform. During the meetup, you’ll be able to hear our speakers and view their slides, as usual. Be sure to set aside some time to mingle after because you’ll be able to navigate through several open areas including:

  • Q&As with each of our speakers
  • Use what you just learned at the hackathon table
  • Software demo areas
  • and more…

Shortly before the meetup starts, you’ll receive an invitation to the galaxy. We can’t wait to see you there!

Make sure that your guests have enough time to create their accounts and become familiar with the platform. We recommend sending out your invite link at least 30 minutes before.

How to encourage connection after the main event

After your main presentation is over, be sure to remind your guests that the party’s not over! Encourage them to move into the breakaway areas and talk to each other. They can also send emojis, text chat, or share their screens.

They can stay as long as they like – no one gets booted when the organiser leaves.

Animation of five people around a campfire

Best. Meetup. Ever.

Ready to explore your meetup space?  Click the button below to get your free galaxy. From answering your early questions, all the way through the big event, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

No credit card required, cancel anytime.

Have more questions?

Most questions can be answered by searching our FAQs which includes how-to articles, ideas, and tips.

We also love helping customers directly to get the most from their galaxies. If you have any questions, feedback, or requests, you can email us at [email protected].


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