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Use Slackbots to create galaxy reminders

Slackbots are a great way to make sure your galaxy is always available to your team.


Trigger: “Orbital galaxy”

Response: Are you looking for your galaxy link? 🪐


Trigger: “Conference room pin”

Response: The conference room is at

Screenshot of creating Slack bots

Set reminders for watercooler chat or meetings

Keep your team talking and feeling connected by setting Slack reminders to hop into the galaxy.

/remind #general “Time for a catchup! How’s your day? Let us know at the Break Area pin now.” every day at 3:15pm

Feeling creative? You can set several reminders about different topics.

Screenshot of setting a Slack reminder

Keep your Orbital galaxy handy by setting Slack reminders for standup and other meetings.

/remind #general “Standup time! We’ll be in the galaxy.” every day at 9:45pm

Create pins for projects, departments and topics

Create a pin for a team, project, or topic and add it to your channel descriptions so it’s always there to hop into.

Screenshot of setting a Slack channel topic

Add an Orbital Workspace custom field

Add a custom field to your Slack profiles, and link it to your private office pin.

Screenshot of setting a Slack custom field

Let people know when you're available

When you’re available to chat in the galaxy, change your status so people know where to find you.

Screenshot of setting Slack status
Screenshot of Slack status set

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