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Why does my audio sometimes cut off in Chrome?

To help save memory, the Chrome browser will sometimes auto-discard a tab if it’s not active for a while. This can occasionally result in audio cutting off until you click on the tab again.

🖥 To solve this problem, we highly recommend installing our desktop app. You can find instructions for this here.

If you are unable to install the web app, you can try these steps:

  • Open your Orbital galaxy in a Chrome tab.
  • Input chrome://discards into the address bar
  • Find your Orbital galaxy tab, and toggle off the “Auto Discard” column for it.

This will resolve the problem until you close your Orbital galaxy tab. There are third party extensions that can disable this permanently, but these should be installed with caution.

Please contact us at [email protected] if this is a recurring problem, and we can investigate further or move up features that will resolve it.

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