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What’s the difference between a Team galaxy and a Personal galaxy?

When you create your galaxy, you will be able to choose which type you want to create. Here’s how they’re different?

Team GalaxiesPersonal Galaxies
Meant for…An infinite space for your entire team, company, or community to gather.Your personal URL for meeting clients and colleagues, private meetings, workshops, open office hours, and more.
Members AllowedUp to 100 members on the free plan, contact us for more.10 members
Galaxy AccessAll members can enter, 24/7Members can only enter when you’re there
Guest InvitesNo, all members must log in
Editing PermissionAll members can edit the designOnly you can edit the design
Galaxy SizeInfinite spaceFixed size
Spatial Audio
Full use of interactive tools for all members
All members can broadcast their screens at the same time
Presentation Mode
Customise with our graphics
Upload your own graphics

For more information about our full feature list, see our Features page.

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