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How do I use Presentation Mode?

Presentation Mode allows you to control who can speak or share their screen. It’s perfect for meetups, conferences, lectures, or anytime you need more control over what your guests can do in your galaxy.

From the sidebar at the left of your galaxy, click on the Settings icon. You can choose Group Mode or Presentation Mode.

Video of a user putting the galaxy into presentation mode

When in Group Mode:

  • Everyone can speak
  • Everyone can share their screens
  • People further away are quieter

When in Presentation Mode:

  • Only designated presenters can speak
  • Only designated presenters may share their screen
  • presenters are the same volume for everyone, regardless of distance.

When in Presentation Mode, click on the Admin panel to give audio / screen share permission to users. You can have up to 50 speakers at the same time in Presentation Mode.

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