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What are the different member types?


All new members are created in this status as default. Members can enter the galaxy freely at any time, and use all interactive features.


Guests can join a galaxy for up to two hours without creating an account, or logging in. They have access to limited features. Guests count against your galaxy’s member limit, for the time their access is active. For more about how to invite guests, see What are guest invites and how should I use them?


Admins have additional permissions in the galaxy.For more about how to upgrade a user to Admin, see How do I assign Admins in my galaxy?

All permissions

Galaxy access2 hours24/724/724/7
Edit the galaxy’s background◻️◻️
Edit the galaxy’s locations◻️◻️
Create interactive items (sticky notes, links, embeds, etc.)
Lock interactive items (sticky notes, links, embeds, etc.)◻️
Broadcast screens to the people around them
Send chat messages to the people around them
Send emoji reactions and GIFs
Set a custom Home Pin and return to it with one click.◻️
Create calendar invitations◻️
Send and schedule shoutouts◻️◻️
Toggle between Spatial and Presentation Modes◻️◻️
Invite new members◻️◻️
Invite new guests◻️◻️
Upgrade / downgrade other Admins◻️◻️
Delete the galaxy◻️◻️◻️

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