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How do I create temporary guest invites?

The guest invite feature is currently in Beta. Please contact our team to ask for access.

You can invite people into your galaxy by adding them as a member. All members will be required to create an Orbital account.

If you don’t want them to have to sign up, you can create a one-time-use guest invite. Guest invites allow them to enter your galaxy directly without logging in.

To create a guest invite, scroll to the bottom of your galaxy’s Manage screen to the “Invite Guests” section. Type the guest’s name and hit Create.

You can then copy their invitation link from the list of members above.

Guest invites are good for one use, and can be deleted at any time to instantly revoke access.

⚠️ Known Bug: If you send a guest invite via LinkedIn message, it will burn the link. We are working on finding a way to resolve this.

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