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What are guests and how can I invite them?

Guest invites are perfect for when you’re inviting someone into your galaxy on a short-term basis. For example, if you’re having a meeting with a client, or inviting a friend around for a chat.

For more on what guests can do, see, What are the different member types?

Inviting guests

Only galaxy Owners and Admins can invite guests.

To create a guest invite, go to your galaxy’s Manage screen. Under the “Invite a guest” header, you can copy the invite link. This can be shared with anyone you wish, and a new Guest membership will be assigned to them.

To deactivate your link, and get a new one, click the “Regenerate” button.

Guests expire automatically after two hours, but you can also remove a guest manually at any time. They will be instantly booted from the galaxy when you do.

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