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What are guest invites and how should I use them?

Guest invites are perfect for when you’re inviting someone into your galaxy on a short-term basis. For example, if you’re having a meeting with a client, or inviting a friend around for a chat.

Each guest link works for one person, with no signup or login required.

Full MembersGuests
Orbital AccountRequires loginNo login required
After LogoutThey can log back into
your galaxy again
They no longer have
access to your galaxy
Galaxy CreationCan create their own galaxiesCannot create galaxies

Creating guests invites

Only galaxy owners can invite guests into their galaxy.

To create a guest invite, go to your galaxy’s Manage screen. Under the “Guests” header, type your guest’s first name.

When you click the Create button, you’ll be able to copy the link and share it with your guest on any email, messaging platform, or calendar invitation.

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