Will my audio still work if my screen saver is on?

Your device has multiple states of activity. Here’s how audio works in each: ✅ When your screen saver turns on: You will still be able to hear others, and they can hear you if you are unmuted. ✅ When your display turns off: You will still be able to hear others, and they can hear […]

Why isn’t my screen share working on Mac?

If you’re on a new device, you may find that your screenshare doesn’t work. This is because you need to give your browser permission. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Scroll to Screen Recording and click the Lock icon to allow changes. Tick the box next to your browser. You will need to […]

What is Design Mode and how do I use it?

Design Mode is where your galaxy’s main customisation options are set. From inside your galaxy, click on the “Design” icon in the action bar. In the sidebar to the left of your galaxy, you will see options to: Change your background Manage your pins

How do I mute / unmute others?

If your galaxy is in Presentation Mode, and you are an Admin, you can mute and unmute others by toggling the Star icon next to them in the Admin tab on the left sidebar.

About the Integration Guide

To connect Orbital with your existing tools, check out our Integration Guide. It covers Asana, Basecamp, Calendly, Chatwork, Clickup, Cliq, Confluence, Coursera, Doodle, Facebook, Jira, Linear, LinkedIn, Monday.com, Plann3r, Pneumatic, Slack, Slite, Trello, and Zoho Connect.

Privacy and Security

Your privacy and security are very important to us! Want to learn more about how we handle your data? Terms of Use Privacy Policy GDPR Statement We are currently working on FERPA and COPPA compliance. If you need this, please get in touch. Questions? Email us at [email protected] or talk with us via the Live […]

What are separate audio zones and how do I create one?

Separate audio zones are perfect for creating a little extra privacy or structure within your galaxy. If you are within a separate audio zone (denoted by a dashed circle around a pin) everyone within that audio zone can hear everyone else at equal volume. To create a separate audio zone, select the option in the […]