Free resources for remote teams

Whether you want to get more organised, be more productive, or get more social, we’ve got you covered.

Our top remote retrospective ideas

If your team has progressed past the boring old “start doing, stop doing, keep doing” format and you’re ready to try something new, you’re in the right place. These retrospective ideas are specifically designed to engage remote teams and get you the results you need.

The 3 Slack automations that every team needs

Here are our favourite bots and reminders, which you can copy and paste right now, to keep your remote team thriving.

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Orbital onboarding toolkit

New to Orbital? This step-by-step guide will help you and your team get the most from your new galaxy.

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6 standup formats your remote team will love

Love them or hate them, standups are a part of daily life for most teams. We’ve pulled together a list of formats that you can try out with your team to break past the Standup Blues.

Screenshot of 6 avatars

We’ve built our galaxies with one thing in mind – real connection between human beings! That means that a few things are different during an Orbital meetup.

There’s no doubt about it. Orbital is THE place for dynamic communities. From setting up your space to inspiring connection, we’re here to help.

Additional resources and articles​

Remote work is becoming a trend in today’s business world and for good reason. The ability to hire the best talent from anywhere is the competitive edge.  Read the full article →

BuildRemote asked over 100 people who work from home, “What is your #1 top tip for working remotely?”  Here’s what they had to say →


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Orbital users experience 17% higher psychological safety.

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Over 38% of employees have reported feeling symptoms of video call fatigue or burnout.

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Employees with close friendships at work are 7x more likely to be engaged and productive.

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Businesses with highly engaged teams see 21% higher profitability and 40% higher productivity. 

Our Remote Work Research and Statistics Report includes stats about the benefits and challenges of remote working, effects of Covid-19, the Future of Work, and the results of our latest Orbital user Impact Assessment.