The most engaging online education tool ever

Customise your virtual classroom, gather around for the main lesson, split students up into private breakaway groups, all at the same permanent link.

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Join ongoing conversations instantly

Move your avatar with your mouse or keyboard to talk to others. You only hear the people who are close to you.

That means everyone can gather in the same space, and there are never any meeting links to manage. You can stay in your galaxy all day, or just hop in when you need.

See it in action
Watch the demo video (1:48)
Collaboration logos and embeds including Spotify, Jira, Miro, Figma, Hubspot, Charlie HR, Invision, Salesforce, Google Docs, and sticky notes

Talk and collaborate in the same place

Share your screen, embed websites, save bookmarks and documents, and collaborate directly on the canvas.

Whether you’re drawing on a whiteboard, listening to music, collaborating on a spreadsheet, or playing a game together – it all happens here!

Orbital has trusted across the globe by educators and professionals.

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This is the future of remote learning.

  • Fully customised online classroom
  • Create unlimited breakout areas
  • Engage with interactive tools
  • Share documents and links
  • Send text chat and emoji reactions
  • Broadcast unlimited screens
See it in action
Watch the demo video (1:48)
Icon of map pins

Endless breakout areas. Saved areas called “pins” help you jump straight into the conversation.

Icon of sofa

Customise your space. Use our image library, or upload your own custom graphics.

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Work smarter.  Orbital users are proven to communicate more effectively, save time, and have less meetings!

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Secure and private. You have full control of who can hear you or see your text chat, at all times.

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Browser based. There’s nothing to download and no meeting links. Just log in on your web browser and see who’s around!

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Perfect for…  Socials and online parties, meetups, communities, work teams, education, and more!


An outlet for creativity as well as useful and fun in ways I haven’t even discovered yet. You guys are awesome.

Orbital User

Hey guys… you definitely need to check out @ashleymarinep’s product @OrbitalChat!!

We just had a call on there and the user experience, design and functionality was purely amazing.

This is going to be the next big thing in remote work and audio spaces 🤯🚀🚀

Martel Metellus, Founder & CEO @joinsoko Techstars ‘22

Orbital is such a breath of fresh air for remote working, exactly what we need to collaborate and keep energy and engagement high on projects.

Pippa Churcher, Data driven growth marketer

I’m absolutely loving @OrbitalChat!

I’ve been looking for a way to communicate more effectively (via spontaneous and/or planned audio) with my team beyond the tedious typing on Slack. This is PERFECT!

It’s such an engaging product and creating your own “galaxy” is super fun.

Nick Duncan, Founder and CEO of Content Bot

I was waiting for this kind of tool to appear! Orbital creates an excellent opportunity for people to feel together while working remotely.

Justin Marshall, Design @Google

I just had my first meeting in Orbital and I am obsessed. For a remote company with multiple employees, this is a must have.

Alyson, Consultant and speaker

I’m very much an Office Guy. I don’t think anything can replace being together in a real office. But… I have to say… this is fucking cool.

Orbital User

I’ve never seen anything like this before. This is what remote collaboration should feel like.

Eden Bidani, Marketing + Acquisition Strategist

I’ve told so many people about Orbital. It’s honestly the best remote working tool I’ve come across.

Simon Penson, Digital entrepreneur, non exec & VC

The first time you use it you realise just how invasive & unnecessary/unnatural video is. This is game changing for remote teams and culture… you MUST try it out.

Mark Smith, SaaS founder and podcast host

Orbital feels serious enough to be used for business, but casual enough to be enjoyable. There is a fine line between the ice-cold pragmatism of a Zoom, and the frivolous gamer-broz-lolz of other recent platforms in this space, and Orbital walks this line with poise.

Rachel, Orbital User

Accessibility and safety are top priority.

Our galaxies are keyboard accessible and optimised to be compatible with Google Chrome’s Live Caption feature.

Whoever you communicate with, wherever you are in the world, Orbital is your virtual home.