Build more connected online communities

Online communities are more powerful than ever. They’re where we connect, support each other, and celebrate our wins. Each community is different, and our galaxies were designed specifically to showcase the unique culture of yours.

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How it works

Orbital provides the always-open space and structure you need to help your members:

Collaborate with peers  •  Stay motivated and accountable •  Combat loneliness and isolation •  Share their knowledge

See it in action
Watch the demo video (1:48)

Join conversations instantly

Moving your avatar with your mouse or keyboard to talk to people. You only hear the people who are close to you.

That means everyone can gather in the same space, and there are never any meeting links to manage. You can stay in your galaxy all day, or just hop in when you need.

See it in action
Watch the demo video (1:48)
Collaboration logos and embeds including Spotify, Jira, Miro, Figma, Hubspot, Charlie HR, Invision, Salesforce, Google Docs, and sticky notes

Talk and collaborate in the same place

Share your screen, embed websites, save bookmarks and documents, and collaborate directly on the canvas.

Whether you’re drawing on a whiteboard, listening to music, collaborating on a spreadsheet, or playing a game together – it all happens here!

Check out all of your galaxy’s features

Build strong relationships.  Members can pop in 24/7 to see who’s around, or co-work quietly together.

Socials and events. Endless conversation areas so everyone can make a real connection.

Lunches together. Host a casual social catchup, pick an interesting topic, or bring an an expert speaker in for a Lunch & Learn.

Daily standups. Foster a culture of support and accountability by bringing members together daily. We’ll even alert them for you.

Training and pairing. Share screens between members seamlessly, or view many screens at once.

Revenue opportunity. Create a marketplace or trade show floor and sell booth space.

Create and customise your galaxy for free.

Fully customisable and interactive

Your galaxy’s canvas is infinate, and you can create unlimited meeting, breakout, and social areas. Choose from our library of graphics or upload your own to create the perfect online home for your members.

Orbital has helped teams and communities across the globe communicate better.

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Whoever you communicate with, wherever you are in the world, Orbital is your virtual home.