Virtual Communication Spaces

How to use Cliq with Orbital

Using Cliq as a team? Here are some ways you can integrate your new galaxy.

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Create brainstorming areas to discuss topics

Create an Orbital Pin and include it in your channel descriptions. This can serve as a shortcut for brainstorms and planning meetings.

Cliq channel description
Cliq chat

Jump straight into meetings!

Copy the link to an Orbital Pin and add it to the location of your events. The whole team can jump right into the action!

Cliq URL location
Cliq event

Make sure your team can find you

In the “Seating Location” field of your profile, include the Orbital Pin link to your personal office. 

Cliq seating location

Make sure people know you are in the galaxy

Change your status to “In the galaxy” or “In Orbital” to let everyone know you’re around for a chat!

Cliq in the galaxy

Still have questions?

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