Orbital vs Whereby

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Orbital vs Whereby Whereby is a simple video platform used to meet with others online. Much like Zoom, This space only allows for straightforward video meetings; which is not always the most effective use for remote-working communication. You are limited and restricted to a singular call, and unlike Orbital, it does not promote the activity […]

Orbital vs Slack

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Orbital vs Slack Learning how to work from home efficiently within teams is pivotal in the growth and success of your business. With remote-working becoming the norm across the world, platforms that allow teams to communicate efficiently from their new home working environment is key. Slack offers chat services, yet is missing out on the […]

Orbital vs Discord

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Orbital vs Discord Discord is most popular in the gaming world, providing a chat service for gamers whilst online playing with friends and team members. You are able to chat with friends, and speak on audio when included in specific team chats, with no option to segregate into individual chats under the same room. This […]

Orbital vs Microsoft Teams

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Orbital vs Microsoft Teams Built by Microsoft, this platform was inevitably going to become a popular go-to virtual office for many businesses, despite its flaws. This aesthetically corporate, social media style service lacks the natural, engaging conversations which arise in the galaxies. With Orbital, you have the ability to remain on the online platform all […]

Orbital vs Zoom

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Orbital vs Zoom With remote working now recognised as the norm to everyday life, virtual spaces providing areas to interact with colleagues effectively is an essential aspect for an efficient work-from-home environment. With popularity focused on video and chat platforms such as Zoom, which creates formal meeting spaces to communicate with others, Orbital have realised […]