How Audeo Used Orbital To Increase Their Productivity

Screenshot of the Audeo galaxy

Audeo, a Bristol-based digital marketing agency, felt the negative impacts of the working from home guidance more than many. With a small team and a singular office, their team thrived on in-person working. The natural communication flow and team interaction was somewhat lost when they had to switch to remote working. They were already using a number of virtual communication platforms. Slack helped them create chat channels for various projects, so the team could send quick message updates on project progression. Yet, the team thrived off verbal communication in an office environment.

How Orbital Solved This Problem

Orbital helps companies like Audeo. For close-knit teams who are most productive when they can communicate naturally and verbally, Orbital has produced a remote-work solution. Our audio-first (or Audeo-first – haha!) platform makes it feel like your staff are all in the same room.

Unlike formal, rigid communication platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Orbital creates an environment that allows staff to relax and focus on work in a low-stress environment that they can control. With a singular platform open all day, every day, staff can drop in and out of the galaxy as and when they please. Even if they stay in it, they can decide whether they want to be part of the virtual office buzz, or move further away for some quiet work time. 

Orbital boasts endless features. You can customise each galaxy to fit your workplace style, create private and public meeting room spaces, and a ‘wave’ function to get team members’ attention.

Audeo’s Favourite Features


The whiteboard feature allows anyone to “stick” youtube videos and sticky notes onto the galaxy. For Audeo, this resulted in Whiteboard Fridays, where they shared a video with useful information to help the team improve their knowledge and skills. This feature allows teams to continue knowledge sharing as they would in the workplace, in a visual and accessible way.

Screen Share

While Orbital is more natural and fun than most other professional virtual communication platforms, it still boasts all the most useful features needed to communicate information effectively. Screen Sharing, in particular, allows the team to give presentations, share project updates, and problem solve.

Nothing to Download

For many businesses, meetings that require hyperlinks and the downloading of apps often results in delayed meetings, missed information, and a few frustrated employees. Orbital is one of the easiest platforms to access. As a browser-based platform, it requires no download time, and no “app updates.” The team can bookmark it to their homepage. They just have to open their browser, click on the Orbital tab, and that’s that!

Constant But Stress-Free

Virtual communication platforms can often cause panic and discomfort; many individuals dread scheduled meetings, counting down the minutes until they are over. With Orbital, the platform is constantly open, meaning that employees can sit in the galaxy all day. This helps reduce the daunting nature of formal meetings, as all your staff are together in one place for the whole working day. That being said, for staff members who prefer to work quietly and on their own, this is always an option too. They can move their icon further away from other staff members, or exit the galaxy altogether. The nature of Orbital is that it is a relaxed, natural working environment where employees themselves have control over how they work and communicate.  

Audeo is one of many businesses using Orbital to help improve productivity and staff morale. Download Orbital today to allow your team to engage, share ideas, and improve naturally.


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